Health and Safety


We here at Cordell Air Conditioning do everything we can to promote Health and Safety in order to protect employees, clients and the public alike. Additionally, we make sure that all reasonable and practical precautions are taken to prevent personal injury and fully recognise our responsibility to adhere to Health and Safety legislation.

To this end, we do all that we can to provide safe working conditions for our engineers to work in, provide our employees with comprehensive Health and Safety training, and stay fully up-to-date with Health and Safety legislation and requirements. What’s more, we consult our valued employees in regard to Health and Safety matters whenever possible in order to guarantee their safety and compliance.

Environment Policy

The environment is of utmost concern here at Cordell Air Conditioning and its conservation and the minimisation of our impact on it are always in the minds of our employees. That’s why we make sure that we comply with relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice, consider the environment when making business-related decisions, and always try to minimise waste, maximise re-usage and recycle wherever possible.

We try to always be as energy efficient as possible and inform our employees regarding the environment and our impact upon it. Additionally we review our environmental policies every year and make them readily available for the consultation of employees, suppliers and customers.


In terms of the work we carry out which is directly linked to the environment, we are fully trained and equipped in dealing with older ozone damaging refrigerants. Because of this we can safely and efficiently remove and destroy the gases and, in the vast majority of cases, we can provide an ozone friendly refrigerant gas. And you can rest assured that we will provide an unmatched service as each and every one of our engineers is registered safe refrigerant handlers. So for a great service with a conscience, look no further than Cordell Air Conditioning.

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